ALMA Pizzeria

Stonebaked to Perfection!

Miss Rita (V) 7.95
Classic with fresh Basil
(Vegan option available)

Just Pepperoni 8.95
Classic topped with Wild Rocket

Pesto Bird 8.95
Pesto Base, slices of roasted chicken, red onion + topped with Wild Rocket

Dairy Free Available for all Pizzas

Spicy Meat Lovers 8.95
Slices of Butchers Sausage, Honey Roast Ham, slices of Roast Chicken, red onion , peppers + fresh chilli

Super Veg Patch (v) 8.95
Loaded with mushrooms, peppers, red onion , spinach + topped with Wild Rocket ( Vegan Option Available)

Firecracker 8.95
Pulled Pork , red onion, peppers, jalapeños, finished with Firecracker Sauce + Wild Rocket


Available for Take-Away Call: 0754 3676434

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