Alma bear faceALMA Bear always wanted to come to England and work in a good old fashioned British Pub and when he got the chance he jumped at it and now he lives with Jon and Will at the ALMA TAVERN.

Travelling all the way from the snowy wastes of Anadyrsky in North East Russia, ALMA (not his real name), his original name is Medvezhonok which means Little Bear in Russian, journeyed by boat from the port of Anadyr to Southampton and then by train to get to Worcester - a very long way!.

ALMA Bear's favourity food is fish especially Salmon and he loves healthy fruit and vegetables. His favourite drink is milk and he loves cheese and chocolate and most of all PICNICS!

His hobbies include waving at cars, dancing, visiting old people and young children and generally having fun. He supports Aston Villa and the Worcester Warriors. ALMA Bear's best friends are the Singing Chef, Spiderman and Paddington who now lives back with his family in Peru.

If you would like to meet ALMA Bear or maybe invite him to a party or a picnic call: 01905 963428

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